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Science Denialists Make Fake Journal, Get Shut Down.

18 Jan

Science Denialists Make Fake Journal, Get Shut Down..

Beats me!


Rich get more Poor become homeless

14 Jan

FireWorks newspaper writes: Recently [in San Francisco], business owners have pushed to “Clean Up The Plaza.” This zero tolerance policy has forced out many while hipsters drink openly in Dolores Park. At the same time, developers have announced a new condo project at 16th [and Mission]. The developers need the police to sweep away the poor, while capitalism throws out thousands through evictions, high rents, and poor paying jobs. In turn, more young people are forced to illegally make money to survive, channeling millions into prison. The police are the foot soldiers of gentrification.

On January 1, people marched and rallied in San Francisco against the “Take Back the Plaza” campaign organized by wealthy business owners.

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The Plan here is to authorize someone to be close enough to remove a post
I have used some of the data on

Browsing the comments, we shall see just how deep they delve into my private pc entries before they are even published.

”Comments@ CM Elizabeth 1 hour ago
@Michael F An even more disgusting display of anti social behaviour was the thugs who bashed that lad on the sunshine coast and displayed the photos as a trophy. Now they are the ones that early intervention would prevent joining motorbike clubs..this is where we should be being proactive…kids display this type of behaviour very early on in life..its time to engaging whole families in preventative behaviour counselling. They don’t have to end up in the too hard basket. Spend our money wisely governments!!!”

The writer was referring to: ”The photo sent to the 17-year-old victim’s phone showed the men pulling his hair and holding his throat while he is knocked out and defenceless.

Brett Tait, the father of the victim, is furious the pack’s ringleader Jake Edward Luckett was given just a suspended six month jail term in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court this week.”