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1 Oct
2012-12-12 14.48.23Whilst chatting on Skype..  Pete goes because his radio won’t work while chatting… So I e-mailed the following..
Looking at tenancy ..
And of course, there’s lots more owner-occupiers than public housing tenants. By our count of the ABS data [that is, the Housing Occupancy rates and the correct households data from the Census], Australia’s 5.2 million owner-occupier households have between them not less than 8 million spare bedrooms.
As they (gov.)  were asking for private owners to be generous & take in STRANGERS OF DIFFERENT CULTURE  etc.. I put I had ONE BEDROOM  on my census.. the others are SEWING ROOM,  WALK IN WARDROBE,  etc  ALL AVAILABLE SPACE  can be guest room,  but even family can be hard to live with…. eh? 
search web for empty homes OZ  not forthcoming.. Also trying to send to wordpress*
tried posting to google +  now it is playing up..   maybe their end.
This one is over the top..  8 million spare bedrooms..  Governments tell us rooms are to be
Kitchen,  loo laundry (often in cupboard)  the kitchen a stove, bench & sink..  { I have lived where the sink is a basin, the stove an outdoor wood camp fire, or a portable gas on the bench, or fry pan also on the bench.  The bed a stretcher with makeshift mattress, or a cheap thin foam one.
Working holiday, a tent with portable above, mattress was an old doona …

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Queensland tenants asked to share public housing

More social housing news, this time from north of the border. Queensland public tenants have received a letter from the State’s new Housing Minister, Bruce Flegg, alerting them to a ‘crisis’ in public housing: ‘under-utilisation’.

According to the Minister, more than 8 700 public housing properties have two or more spare bedrooms, while 30 000 persons wait on the housing register. ‘Such under-utilisation cannot be allowed to continue’, Minister Flegg says.

Accordingly, the Minister proposes transferring tenants to smaller properties… or instituting ‘voluntary shared housing arrangements’!

Getting people off the waiting list and into social housing is great, but not when it is done by asking those who are on just the next rung of the ladder to wriggle over a bit. It also overlooks the great untapped reservoir of housing that exists in the spare rooms of owner-occupiers.

This is where the greatest ‘under-utilisation’ happens, as the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows in its Housing Occupancy and Costs survey.

(Source: ABS (2011) ‘Housing Occupancy and Costs 2009/10’, Table 14. Click on the image for a better view.)

In fact, of all the tenure types, public housing tenants ‘under-utilise’ their housing the least – even less than private renters. Meanwhile, almost 90 per cent of owner-occupiers without a mortgage, and over 82 per cent of owners with a mortgage, have one or more spare bedrooms.

And of course, there’s lots more owner-occupiers than public housing tenants. By our count of the ABS data [that is, the Housing Occupancy rates and the correct households data from the Census], Australia’s 5.2 million owner-occupier households have between them not less than 8 million spare bedrooms.

Perhaps Housing Ministers should consider writing to the nation’s owner-occupiers and ask them to take in a social housing applicant.

Or, if they prefer, that they contribute a little more money in tax – say, a land tax that applies to land for owner-occupied housing – to fund a social housing system that grows at least in line with demand for it.


2 Responses to “My Radio won’t Work”

  1. pamea October 1, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

    I do not know if I still have on record a denial for Caravan in my yard request from a family member. They used the open shed for storage & kitchen & slept with their young children in caravan parked behind. Now that was less than 10 years ago, and they too requested a housing commission home .. The following years caravan parks have become high dense housing units & visitors vans have to go to the River 15 – 20 klm to the north of Blackwater for a longer stay than a week.. Duaringa Shire Qld based at Blackwater Q 4717. ( My home is to the East, a small town under 500 persons. )now part of CHRC based at Emerald 4720

  2. pamea October 2, 2013 at 1:45 am #

    Reblogged this on Pamea's Blog.

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