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What have we done to Afgan Women

18 Mar

”They wanted to kill me, and my family, for allowing me to stand for parliament. I stayed in Oruzgan on the day the results were released. Just as well I took the precaution of staying with friends – they searched four different houses looking for me, and they would have killed me.” – What has she done to deserve this, hunted like a crimimal in her homeland?

”Aihana Azad, 28, had the courage to break the Afghan mould – when the foreigners came, she worked for the United Nations; and when the Parliament came, she ran for
public office.”

Democratic Government at what cost to women?

Life under Taliban in Kabul

By Caroline Wyatt in Khodja Bahouddin, northern Afghanistan
The women of this town are most noticeable by their absence. Today is market day and the ramshackle wooden stalls are bustling. They are full of men selling battered green water melons or chairs made out of old ammunition cases.

But all the stallholders and all their customers are men.

Sheep, Goats & Women – what are men fighting for?

Via flickr user james7847, a street shot of Jalalabad from atop a humvee:
Kabul or Afganastan


Obama killed his Alt-Ego

16 Mar


OK .. that a far fetched story!

Why this–

Revelation 17;13

Maybe this could explain:
For Educational Purposes Only
Many people have lost their lives to expose the wicked system of the Vatican and its cohorts called the Jesuits. Jim Arrabito gives information that details such despicable infiltration of our institutions of governance.



Past Mid March.. Has Obama visited Israel?

~What can we do.. live our own lives.. take care we do no harm ourselves~

Beef & Fresh Vegetables or Rice – GM Style

15 Mar


The new strain of golden rice has far more beta-carotene
UK scientists have developed a new genetically modified strain of “golden rice”, producing more beta-carotene.

The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, and this strain produces around 20 times as much as previous varieties.

It could help reduce vitamin A deficiency and childhood blindness in developing countries.

The World Health Organization estimates up to 500,000 children go blind each year because of vitamin A deficiency.

02 Nov, 2012 02:49 PM ”
”FEDERAL Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig has been interviewed for the upcoming ABC Four Corners investigation into the recent Pakistan sheep crisis, due to air on Monday night.
Industry groups have maintained a united front, amid fears they may be hit by another emotive production on live exports.

Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council chief executive officer Alison Penfold is now acting as industry spokesperson, following the ABC’s rejection of National Farmers Federation president Jock Laurie.”

Included farmers comment (without permission)
4 Corners need to find another bunny to “hunt down”. Australia is first class with Live Export. No?- show us someone better. Banning Australian Live Export would just open the doors to those who don’t actually care. The Aussie Farmer isn’t greedy or “rich” – those who bandy that around are totally misguided. The majority are in debt up to their eyeballs struggling to survive. Uninformed, irrational tampering of our industry needs to stop. I am SURE Jock Laurie would have far more insight into this industry than an ABC reporter. Let’s get real because this is frightening real at grassroots.
Posted by Frustrated Farmer, 3/11/2012 8:25:41 AM
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