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Ann Dunham was an economic anthropologist

19 Jan

”I am looking for the most informed information on Obama’s mother. How much influence did she have on the young Barry & did he stay in Hawahhi to help his grandmother or for his schooling to the best advantage that USA could offer.”

”She would help Indonesia women to buy a ‘sewing machine’ or a ‘cow’ or some means of earning a living above the norm of their village. Instead of joinig with the Missionaries (they were not allowed in a Muslim country to spread the Love of Jesus.. they could do what Ann Dunham did for no return favors, so what is the difference? ”

Mr Obama omits from his narrative < What Mr Obama's narrative omits is any detail of how Ann Dunham was an economic anthropologist and that for 30 years she devoted herself to studying rural enterprise in Indonesia. She took on projects as a development officer with the Ford Foundation, the US Agency for International Development and the Asian Development Bank, pioneering micro-credit projects that extended small loans to the rural poor.> You can read further what the UK Independant says at:

There is much more information on Ann Dunham if you search yourself.. some fact, much fiction..

Takes a discerning eye.. please feel free to add a comment here..


Ranter Glen Beck whose crazy

12 Jan

On radio this morning, Glenn played some of the audio of the confrontation (the full video is at the bottom of the page). While he had a good laugh over Jones’s absurdity, he was concerned that the left and the media would try and push Jones as the face of the pro-gun movement.

cartoon 9-27 chip bok 9-24 glenn beck nancy larger Why would I pay to watch more ranting of Glen Beck an over paid Dill..

At least Alex stands for what he believes in.



” When Alex was yelling his head off, it’s exactly how I feel on the inside.

Questions Unanswered from 2012

10 Jan


I ask my browser .. why did Roxton replace Lewllan ?