Profit Big Pharm Profit & Slip Slop & Pop

24 Dec
Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek shade or shelter, Slide on some sunnies. – “Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide”

By this stage, however, the skin cancer aware message of the campaign had successfully been absorbed into the Australian psyche.[

~The iconic and internationally recognised sun protection campaign prominent in Australia during the 1980s.  Since this campaign was introduced along with advertisements and a jingle, the incidence of the two most common forms of Vitamin D deficiency has also greatly increased”

the brisbane times reports: GONE TO THE DOGS  ‘D’ IS FOR DOGS & PROFIT 

Facing a sluggish retail market in Australia, Blackmores is also intensifying its push into Asia with plans to enter the Chinese market this year. Its products are already sold in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. The region boosted its contribution to make up 24 per cent of profit in the latest half. It generated sales of $44 million last year.

Read more:

Scientists have found a promising link between vitamin D and breast cancer, with the vitamin shown to reduce breast cancer risk. However, they say their findings only apply to vitamin D in supplement form, according to Reuters.



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